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Colour. Brush. Smile. Fold. Life is good!

Pretty colours!

Pretty colours!

I am really good at coloring in coloring books.  I am really good at brushing dogs.  I am really good at making people smile.  I am really good at folding laundry.  Knowing what I am really good at keeps me grounded in all my relationships.  Especially my relationship with myself, which is kind of the most important.

When my days are mostly gray-toned, all I need to do is empty out my box of Crayola 16’s and start adding some colour.  I don’t usually spell colour like that, being that I’m an American.  Colour.  I felt it would add a bit of colour to my day if I did.

When I am in a less than thrilling conversation with an egocentric, I reach for my handy dog brush and brush away at any dog handy.  You see what I did with the word play there?  Ha!  Dog brushing, as mindless as it appears, is an entire conversation with the fortunate canine.  This presents me with a choice; do I continue an unsatisfying listen, or maintain a fulfilling exchange of loving touch?  Easy choice!  Just another good reason to keep a dog brush handy.

I don’t always stand out in people’s minds.  They often forget my name, I think because it’s common and ordinary.  It means “to be joyful, bright or cheerful” (I got that from Wikipedia) and I like to think I live up to it quite well.   Those who don’t remember my name will describe me as, “that small Japanee girl with coloured black hair and glasses.”  I wonder how many of us there are on Oahu?  Then they say, “the smiley one.”  And everybody goes, “Oh, her!”  Yep.  That’s me.  Then I smile.  And more often than not, people smile back.

My friend Jonny says that washing the dishes feels like meditation to her.  I feel the same way about folding laundry.  It’s an activity that is calming because of it’s familiarity; fulfilling because of the feeling of completion; joyful because it makes me feel like all is well, and serves to bring appreciation of the simplicity and beauty of a jumbled pile transformed into origami bundles.  I like to think of it as beautiful non-art.

At day’s end, if I have had the chance to colour, brush a dog, smile at someone or fold laundry, then I can easily say, “Life is good!”


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Getting back on track.

It’s been quite awhile since I began posting anything, anywhere!  I’m making an effort to start up again, but will only post when I feel inspired to do so.  I’m learning that my life is infinitely easier if I am patient about fulfilling my desires.  So as much as I am looking forward to getting my words down and sharing a few silly moments of my life with you, I will be awaiting a ‘sign’; a subtle blessing from the world that will let me know that my timing is absolutely perfect! 

Be back soon! 


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Lemme start again with the “Awareness”

I like this much better!

I wanted this blog to be something people want to read.  I just re-read my first entry (March 14, 2011), and I don’t feel like reading something that tells me what I “should” do.  That’s not any fun!  So…Lemme start again with the “Awareness”…

Awareness and Sustainability are two very popular buzz words these days.  So it started me wondering, “what does it mean when I try and relate them to my body?”

Occasionally, I have some discomfort somewhere in my body.  If I get some exercise, or go dancing, or on a short hike like at ‘Aiea Heiau, chances are my body will let me know that it was happy we got some heart-rate increasing activity in.  It lets me know by saying, “I’m feeling it today, still.”  And it keeps saying it for the next coupla days.

This is my “Awareness”. 

Oh, then lately, I have been hearing grunts when I stand up from sitting on the floor, or in the theater when the movie is done.  I look around, and there’s nobody else there.  Hmmm…  I can’t believe it’s me!  I don’t eally want to start calling it the inevitable “aches that come with old age”.   Cannot be!  Not yet!  I can be pretty stubborn at times, and this is one of them.  I refuse to let “old age” be the reason for feeling a little stiff and using that word…”Yoisho!” every time I stand up.

This ‘awareness’ has kinda sorta forced me to get help in staying flexible and therefore, out of pain. 

I’m sure you’d like to hear what I have to say next.  I can say a lot about my experiences, and then you can pick and choose any, or all, of the things I’ve tried to keep my body from giving me that “Awareness” jab.

I’m going to write a little bit about the different things I’ve tried so far, in my quest to keep my body from turning against me.  But it’s late right now, so I’ll work on my list and add to this blog over the next month or so…oh, yah…I’m also a Top Notch Procrastinator, but I won’t let that stop me from being timely with this blog!

Goo’night!  Susan

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Let’s start with Awareness

Awareness and Sustainability

“Awareness” and “Sustainability” are two very popular buzz words these days.  What does it mean to you when we relate it to your body?

You may be living with discomfort in your body that you accept as normal.  I often hear people say, “It’s just the aches that come with old age.”  Yes, some of those aches are due to ‘old age’, but not all of them are.  The next time you see your therapist, ask for a thorough assessment of your body from their perspective, and you may be surprised that you’ve accepted a less than average standard for your body. 

This now triggers an ‘awareness’ that your body may not be at its optimal health, considering your age and life experiences. 

Take this first step to a healthier future:  Get a thorough assessment of your physical health, based on your age and life experiences.  Include, if you can, in this assessment any emotional connections to the discomfort you are feeling.  It is best to include any injury you have had, including work-related accidents and traffic incidents.  No injury is too minor to include in your assessment.

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